Takahiro Kido – Fairy Tale (2011)

Tracklist :

1. Prologue
2. All Endless Dreams
3. 2nd Season
4. Oranges & Lemons
5. 3-Sized PF
6. Rust Summer In Tokyo
7. Let’s Go Crazy
8. Roads
9. The Three-Day Blow
10. Eternal Flower

Takahiro Kido is a composer residing in Tokyo, Japan. He started the post-rock band Anoice as a leader & composer and have released the highly acclaimed albums on the Important Label and Ricco Label. His music is a blissful combination of various classical instruments – piano, violin, viola, organ and guitars etc. with a little electronics. In 2006, he starts to work as a recording/mixing engineer and web designer. And he has released five solo albums from PLOP and Ricco Label.

He know also plays in bands RiLF (altanative band with Calu of Matryoshka and members of Anoice) and mokyow (a three piece band with Takahiro Matsue and Tadashi Yoshikawa) and cru (a unit with Yuki Murata) since 2007. He also made an appearance in the Japanese gore film Mutant Girl Squad.

“Fairy Tale” was made after his activities as the member of RiLF, and it has a lot of familiar melodies used in CM for Japanese TV or other medias or events.

Takahiro kido thinks that “Fairy Tale” will be his best effort because it’s more gentle and beautiful than “Fleursy Music” that is his former work that recorded 8th place with the electronica chart of Germany and was selected to the best 10 album in 2008 by The Silent Ballet that is the website of music review in U.S.


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